Action first, music second

I am a strong believer that music can change the world and all it takes is one great guitar riff or one great lyric too make the most conservative of men sit and think in ore of what he’s just heard. But lately there has been a complete lack of political/rebellious music.

Every Sunday I listen too the top 40 show on Radio 1 in hope I will suddenly find someone who has gone against the status quo and written something with a powerful political message behind it. But to my disappointment I find myself listening too the same recycled pop beats and words mispronounced to make them rhyme with yet other mispronounced words (I mean come on, no matter how much you mispronounce “low” it will never rhyme with “floor” without you sounding like you’ve had half your tongue removed.)

I am a big fan of the singer-songwriter Billy Bragg (Please look him up if you have never heard of him) due too his brilliant use of simple lyrics and vocals too get serious points across. I could endlessly quote you some of his ingenious lyrics but that would be avoiding my main point which is; I was watching a video of one of Billy’s interviews and the interviewer asked him “why do you think there has been a lack of political music in the last decade” he then looked stumped. He had a long hard think, then returned with the perfect yet obvious answer, he prophesied “there’s no action” by this time I was puzzled by what he meant until he went onto explain “If the kids are out on the streets protesting and fighting for something they believe in then the music will come”

Now I know what you’re thinking “We had massive riots in England about two years ago and there was no music made” that’s because those riots weren’t for something. Yes they were triggered by the police shooting of Mark Duggan but that was just a trigger. The reality is the shorting was just a reason for bored kids too go and let out their frustration towards a failed social and education system in the UK but they did not know that was why they were so angry. Which turned the riots into nothing but a past time whereas it should had been a protest against the government.

Anyway! Back to my main point! Action first music second. Now don’t get me wrong. I’m not asking for protests just so I can download some good new music onto my phone! Quite the opposite. I’m asking for the Teenagers of my generation too rise up and give yourselves a voice! Give the musicians something to write about to immortalise your actions! Because isn’t that all music is? Immortalisation of someone’s feelings towards someone or something? I leave my first blog by asking you this. If someone wrote a song about how we’re the generation that rolled over and conformed… Could you really sit there and deny it?